Managing a commercial property is hard work, and when it comes to maintenance of the property many things can keep you up at night – Will the re-paint cost blow the budget? Will the contractors disrupt the tenants? Will a mess be made on site?

All these worries can disappear if you engage White Rose Painting on your next project. Our team are highly experienced in working on multi-tenanted commercial properties, so we know that communication and planning is the key to causing minimal disruption.

We can discuss with you to plan the most cost-effective way of maintaining your property – so repainting does not need to blow the bank!

Our team are conscientious, polite and take pride and enjoyment from completing each job to a superb standard.

Please get in touch to get planning your interior or exterior commercial repaint.


Commercial Centre in Penrose case study

Thought we were just here for the smaller jobs? You’d be wrong! We got through the exterior cleaning, preparation and repainting of this 22 unit complex in less than 6 weeks.

That includes painting of all walls, columns, soffits, roller doors and signage structures! Our team used Elevated Work Platforms to access most high level areas. With a site this large with so many tenants, communication was key. We would speak to the tenants daily to ensure everyone on site was aware of our teams movements, and that disruption to site was kept to an absolute minimum.

The job was finished to a fantastic standard, the customer, their tenants and our team were delighted with the end result!



Improve your customers and staff first impression of your site with a simple paint job.


Interior Painting

We offer all interior commercial painting services. From painting one wall in one room, right through to a full interior office or warehouse repaint.

Pre-Paint Repairs

‘Preparation is key’. We always go the extra mile to ensure the surface being painted has been properly prepared. If the preparation requires more than a bit of filler, we have the capability to repair holes in walls and rotten timber. All this will be assessed and raised at quoting stage so our plan is clear from the off!

Protective Coatings

Do you have steel/metal surfaces on your property? Do you live in a coastal area? Our director Tommy spent several years working with protective and industrial coatings, so knows a thing or two about rust & corrosion prevention. We can protect your exterior metal with protective coatings to prevent costly replacement and keep your property looking better for longer!

Exterior Painting

We are capable of any exterior commercial painting task. From a single unit complex to 50 units+, we are experienced and skilled enough to complete the job to a fantastic standard at a great price.

Exterior Water Blasting

We use water blasting techniques to remove moss or mould from walls, roofs, driveways, decks, paths, guttering and spouting. Restoring a fresh look from the elements of the outdoor environment. If your property needs a tidy up, get in touch!.

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